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This is from a guy in the Central Business District of
New Orleans
. He's posting about the situation he saw
while he was out trying to get fuel for his generator
this morning.

Thursday, September 1st, 2005 -- 11:50 am

Now for some updates:

1. Been too busy to debrief the police officer, so that
will come later. Low priority now.

2. Buses loading people up on Camp Street to take
refugees to Dallas, or so the word on the street
(literally) is.

3. Dead bodies everywhere: convention center, down camp
street, all over.

4. National Guard shoving water off the backs of
trucks. They're just pushing it off without stopping,
people don't even know it's there at first -- they drop
it on the side in debris, there's no sign or
distribution point -- people are scared to go near it
at first, because the drop points are guarded by troops
or federal agents with assault rifles who don't let
people come near them, which scares people off. It is a
mess. When people actually get to the water, they are
in such a rush to get it that one family left their
small child behind and forget about him until Sig
carried him back to the family.

5. Lots of pics coming soon when Sig has time to update.

It's raining now and I guess that's a relief from the
heat. It's hot as hell down there in the sun. Crime is
absolutely rampant: rapes, murders, rape-murder

I have really cut back answering IMs. Not enough time.
I apologize people.

In case anyone in national security is reading this,
get the word to President Bush that we need the
military in here NOW. The Active Duty Armed Forces. Mr.
President, we are losing this city. I don't care what
you're hearing on the news. The city is being lost. It
is the law of the jungle down here. The command and
control structure here is barely functioning. I'm not
sure it's anyone's fault -- I'm not sure it could be
any other way at this point. We need the kind of
logistical support and infrastructure only the Active
Duty military can provide. The hospitals are in dire
straights. The police barely have any capabilities at
this point. The National Guard is doing their best, but
the situation is not being contained. I'm here to help
in anyway I can, but my capabilities are limited and
dropping. Please get the military here to maintain
order before this city is lost.

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