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Boondogle Bush

A lot of people are saying that this was on purpose.

On purpose or not, the federal government made none of the routine preparations for this hurricane. There was no staging of supplies or water. There was no preparation and stocking of shelters. Three days *after* the incident Homeland Security's version of FEMA was still nowhere to be seen. The head of FEMA didn't even know about the people at the convention center! Before Bush, FEMA may not have been great, but they could get shelters set up and stocked. They never let people die of thirst. I've taken FEMA training; I know what was supposed to happen.

Then, a few days *after* the storm, Bush ambles in, and the first thing he does is relax restrictions on diesel emissions. Babies were dieing of thirst at the Superdome, and Mr. Right-to-Life Christian's first priority is protecting profits for his Republican oil cronies? Those profits are now blood money.

It's certain that a faster response was possible and that a faster response would have saved many lives. Bush's right-to-life cover is blown sky high.

First in Iraq and now in New Orleans, Boondoggle Bush has proven beyond a doubt that human lives mean nothing to him.

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