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Mission NOT Accomplished!

are still many people trapped, but Bush is pulling his Mission
Accomplished routine again in hopes that nobody will notice that some
of the corpses are less than 24 hours old.

nola.com is posting people's calls for help. I guess in
hopes that someone can rescue them without getting shot
as a looter or by a looter.

=== examples from the site ===

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Subject: My Hurricane Story -- Family members still
trapped at Courthouse In Chalmette.

I received email from family members about my niece who
is a dispatcher for the St Bernard Sheriffs Deparment.
They have been trapped inside the Courthouse Building
on the third floor for 5 days now. No Food or water,
and bodies of co workers float around them. My niece
has a young son and husband that need her. Please send


Subject: My Hurricane Story -- SOS my aunt needs
someone to get her

Story: I am in Michigan but my Aunt (Lee Livermore) is
in a apartment in N.O.
She is a diabetic and cannot walk very well. She is at
1220 Spain St 3rd floor
Apartment 305.

She will die if no one gets her. I tried calling all
kind of emergency people but cannot get thrugh. please
help her. Her phone is still working


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