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I woke up sick yesterday. I had a headache and stomach yuck. Today I've filled out the Red Cross volunteer application. I'm going to drop off the application and some stuff for shelters.

Saturday night I got so mad at Bush I thought my head would explode. I've always been pretty laid back about politics. I figure that in a democracy you can't expect to get someone you agree with all the time. I understand getting frustrated when the powers-that-be behave in a way you don't like. But if they are chosen by a majority vote, believing that the majority should always think like you is crazy. So I'd bitch and moan about elected officials I disagreed with, but really, deep down, I thought it was OK. Variety is bound to be the outcome of Democracy.

But now I'm pissed. Whether by intent or by accident, Bush and the New Republican party have wiped out thousands of people and allowed thousands of homes to be destroyed. Now they are taking advantage of the situation to improve their Oil Corporation Cronies fortunes. Bush is a terrorist. He has killed more people than Al Quaeda. He is evil, evil, evil.

Oh well. America has been though hard times caused by evil people before. We must remember that. We will survive.

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