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Knight Moves

In spite of storms and politics, life has continued along here at casa
dozo. Georgie's fall activities are starting up. He may be
over-scheduled, but the only thing he wants to quit is piano. We'll see.

The activities are:

Karate -- Three days a week. Aditya and G do this together. The classes meet three times a week, and really give the kids a good workout.

Swimming classes at the Y -- Two days a week. He likes these for a
while, and then he gets bored of them. So we've decided to do lessons
one month on and one month off. I like it when he has lessons, 'cause I
get to swim laps and relax in the hot tub.

Piano -- One day a week, with practice at home almost every day. He really
dislikes piano. But it's the one demand I'm making of him. He plays
pretty well, but he hates practicing and it shows. I figure once he
gets the basics down, I may let him switch to guitar.

Chess Club -- One day a week. At the first meeting, they went over the
moves and the rules. The kids want to PLAY! It looks like this might be
fun for him.

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