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Kerrville Dreaming

I'm still sick, but I don't feel as awful as I did yesterday. I don't think my voice is back yet.

Happy New Year! Let's have a good one.

I dreamed that I was trying to set up Camp at Kerrville. I had a little round white fiberglass silo that I was going to sleep in. It had no door. I had to carry it around and find a spot. The campground had noticeably less trees. I went all over. Down in Camp Cuisine they had four rail cars. I was quite impressed. Then I discovered a train station behind their camp. I was going to put my silo down in a corner by two of the train cars, when one of them backed up. A guy ran out across the tracks (which I hadn't noticed 'til the train moved). He got across two sets of tracks and then got fried on the third rail. He spun and sort of folded in on himself and then melted into a smoking blob. Then the train came back and blocked the view. Then I went up to Moco Verde. Vern and Whale (a.k.a. Graham) had set up there and refused to let me put up my silo. I was feeling very guilty for having missed Landrush. I was worried all the Mocos would be really mad at me. I was pissed at Vern and thought he should move camp and let us have our spot. I didn't think my silo was big enough to sleep in and was worried it would be really hot since it had no door or windows. I'd left the pads I was going to put on the ground out by the front gate. I went and got them. Then I had too much to carry. I was really upset and frustrated.

Every year in the spring, I start having "can't get our spot at Kerrville" dreams. This year the first one came on the first day of the year. In the more interesting dreams, the festival is held inside a giant gym or hanger. I can't decide if it's better to set up by the wall, or in the middle. There are often trees in the middle. Other times the festival is in a new place, and I get there at night. Since I don't know the landscape, I don't know where the best spots are. Sometimes I've set up and then realize I've chosen an awful spot and all the good spots are taken.

Anyone want to spend a weekend planting trees at Kerrville some warm weekend this spring? More shade = Less anxiety about good camping spots.

Happy New Year.

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