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It rained today. For some reason, the mold decided it was time to bloom or spore or whatever it does that makes me sick.

As a result, I got a small headache. So I took some Maxalt to stave off a migraine. I wanted to have fun with G instead. We headed off to IHOP for brunch. While I was eating, I crashed so hard that I was tipping over with exhaustion. Without being asked, the waitress brought me the check early and told me that she hoped I felt better soon. I came home and slept for about four hours. Even after that I was really out of it for about two hours. It was quite intense.

So we didn't do anything today but go to IHOP. Then I slept and G played on the Mac. He couldn't get online because I'd unplugged everything in case we had a thunderstorm.

After I woke up, he got online and got me to help him fix up his live journal. Everybody should go check it out by clicking here.
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