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Got It!

G and I went to Target and I set up a gift registry so we could put a
wish list online. I scanned in two or three things. G scanned in about
80. Any he really wanted he scanned in twice. Today I went to Target
and bought some stuff for him. But...the thing he wanted most, a  Darth Vader Voice Changer,
Target had sold out of yesterday! Oi! I picked G up from school, and we
ran errands. When we went into stores, I looked for The Gift, but no
one had it.

After he went to bed tonight I check Amazon, and they were sold out
too. The evil voices in my head were telling me what an awful Christmas
G was going to have and yelling at me for not doing this last week. But
I perservered. I went to walmart.com and they had one!
Happy, happy, joy, JOY! So I ordered it. It's being shipped straight to
Brooklyn, so I don't even have to carry it. Hooray! Walmart is my
friend. And shipping is only 76 cents. I am happy, happy, happy.

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