September 23rd, 2005

Dreaming Demon


It's sunny and bright outside, but it's getting a little windy.

Normally I wouldn't notice. But the hurricane has me a little edgy.

I woke up this morning with monster headache. Took medicine. Got G to school. Spent a some time getting info for a friend of ndozo's. Then the headache meds kicked in and I fell asleep. Now I'm drowsey, and it's windy and I have way too much stuff to do.

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Dreaming Demon

Miles and Miles of Texas

The evacuation of the Texas Coast is an abysmal failure.

regular wrote in the news group that he left his home in the mandatory evacuation area Wednesday night at 5:45 pm. At 8am he had made it to Houston. They were low on gas.  The gas stations had no gas, and traffic was at a standstill. So he drove to his office in Houston and will hunker down there for the duration. He has his family and his pets with him. His sister, who left later wound up turning around and going back to her house.

Louisiana beats Texas in the area of evacuation and Contra-Flow. Score one for Governor Blanco.

Houston Highway Scene

Oh yeah, and the levees are being breeched in New Orleans.
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Dreaming Demon

Talking 'bout the Weather

Wow! The storm path model graphics that I have been inserting are not static images. They are updating themselves like the VolcanoCam does. I guess I should have expected that, but I didn't.

So I won't be inserting them as often.

The sky here is blue and bright with an excess of high-in-the-sky cirrus clouds and some small puffy cumulus clouds. It's quite hot, 96 degrees according to KXAN, and the wind is puffing away with gusts up to 21 mph.

I'll try to post a sky picture after I get G at school.
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