February 17th, 2007

Picture Perfect

Photo Session

Flickr has a problem right now. The links to photos are screwed up such that random photos are in people's photo streams. Some people are seeing porn, most people are just seeing general stuff. People are freaking out, but it's kind of funny.

The best comment so far, "Somewhere out there, someone is panicking because there are strangers' family members in their porn."

Often the "replacement" photo is sort of related to the title. I think there may be an actual connection like the same first few words or something.

Whatever is going on, it's funny. I just hope they can fix it.

AH HA! They figured it out. It was a caching problem and they are fixing it now.
Vampire Bush

Nail the Chief

The Italians have just filed charges against some CIA agents for kidnapping an Italian citizen, transporting him out of the country, and then torturing him.

The Germans have similar charges against some CIA guys who did the same thing to a German citizen.

I just wish somebody could figure out who the ringleader of this kidnap and torture gang is. Then maybe the US (perhaps the FBI?) could do something to stop them.

Space Cadet

Just One Word

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