April 26th, 2007

Big Eyed Green Thing

cdozo's LJ Cut Poll

While posting in e_moon60's newsgroup over on sff.net, I mentioned that I often make photo heavy posts. One of the folks on my friends list, [info]brashley46, pointed out that I could put my photos and other graphics behind cuts.

Since to some extent I write this journal for other people to read,  I got to wondering if the folks on my friends page, and other readers of my journal, would rather I use an LJ cut when I post images. So I made a poll.

Please tell me what you would prefer by voting in cdozo's LJ Cut Poll.  Comments are welcomed as well.

When should I use an LJ Cut?

Whenever I post a picture or graphic.
When I post a large picture, GIF, or more than one picture.
Forget cuts. Slow connections and dial-up be damned, just post the pictures.
I should just stop posting pictures and use words.
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