October 13th, 2007

By the Sea

Through The Eyes Of A Bug

A while ago, I made a journal post that had some pictures that I'd taken of a jumping spider. My old camera wasn't up to the task, and the pictures were not very clear. But curculio  made an interesting comment about them. He said, "The picture you have is probably the equivalent to what their prey might see if they escape."

That comment has changed how I look at my less-than-perfect photographs. A couple of days ago, I took a picture of a lizard out at the land. I'm pretty sure it's a Texas Spiny Lizard, but the picture's not very good because the lizard ran away before I could ger very close. When I looked at the photo, I was glad I got a picture, but disappointed it wasn't better. But this morning I noticed how the lizard's coloring blended in with the tree, thought of curculio's comment, and decided it was actually a pretty good photograph. Thanks curculio.

Lizard on Pecan Tree at the Land
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