January 7th, 2008

Picture Perfect

Mid-Winter Bugs

We've been having quite a warm spell here in Austin. Daytime temperatures have been in the mid 70's (°F) and the nights have been pleasantly mild.

The warm weather is bringing out lots of critters. There are tons of bugs, a hawk and a lizard here at my rent house. I bet the land is jumping. Here's some sort of Ichneumon Wasp eating a shriveled Melonette, a tiny Mantidfly that was playing around my porch light last night and a couple of Assassin Bugs with their MRE's.

Ichneumon Wasp       Mantid

   Assassin Bug With MRE   Assassin Bug With MRE

I HATE Bad Guys So Much!

While I was up north for Christmas, some a--hole broke in my truck here into Austin and stole my radio.

I knew the window had broken, but I hadn't gotten around to cleaning up the glass until today. Then G looked in and he noticed our new radio was missing.

I was really enjoying having music again. This totally sucks. :-(

They took something else too, but I can't figure out what it was.
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