February 4th, 2008


Interesting Times?

A fourth Internet cable has been cut.

A year or two ago, there was a rash of fair-weather power failures. Most people didn't notice. The outages were small and short lived. But we had an outage here in Austin, there were a couple in Connecticut and some in New York City. The authorities gave explanations but there was a different explanation for each event. It seemed odd.

Now the CIA has admitted that hackers got into power systems in areas outside of the United States, and "in at least one case, caused a power outage affecting multiple cities." Some of the outages were part of an extortion scheme (or schemes). When I read about this,  I wondered if maybe some of the hackers got into some systems in the US as well.

So now Internet cables are being cut. Are the extortionists branching out, or is it really just wayward ship's anchors?

We may never know.