June 19th, 2008

Space Cadet

The Medicine Seems To Be Working

I feel much better even though I have much more white stuff in the back of my throat than I did yesterday. But teh intarwebz says to wait 24 hours for the medicine to take full effect, so I guess I'm on schedule.

I would like to thank Alexander Fleming for discovering and recognizing the first antibiotic,  John Sheehan, and Andrew J Moyer for getting it into a usable form and Dr. Patterson from the ProMed on Anderson Lane in Austin for prescribing the antibiotic amoxicillin to me in a timely manner.
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Space Cadet

Poison Ivy Can Cure Cancer!

I won't be nearly so annoyed next time I get poison ivy.

From the US News and World Report article, Experimental Therapy Beats Back One Patient's Melanoma:

"Research shows several instances when a patient's own immune system kicked in to oust a cancer even without help from sophisticated new technologies. Dr. Vijay Trisal, assistant professor of surgical oncology at City of Hope Cancer Center in Duarte, Calif., recounted two such cases: One, a woman whose melanoma had spread to her lungs, brain and other parts of her body, was stung by a bee and subsequently recovered not only from the bee sting but also from the cancer. Two, a man with advanced melanoma who stepped into a poison ivy patch and experienced a similar recovery."

Seems to me that maybe just triggering someone's histamine system might do the trick.

It Was True In 1883 And It's Still True Today

I posted this passage after Katrina. That Clemens guy was pretty darn smart and he knew what he was talking about:

The military engineers of the Commission have taken upon their shoulders the job of making the Mississippi over again--a job transcended in size by only the original job of creating it. They are building wing-dams here and there, to deflect the current; and dikes to confine it in narrower bounds; and other dikes to make it stay there; and for unnumbered miles along the Mississippi, they are felling the timber-front for fifty yards back, with the purpose of shaving the bank down to low-water mark
with the slant of a house roof, and ballasting it with stones; and in many places they have protected the wasting shores with rows of piles.  One who knows the Mississippi will promptly aver--not aloud, but to himself--that ten thousand River Commissions, with the mines of the world at their back, cannot tame that lawless stream, cannot curb it or confine it, cannot say to it, Go here, or Go there, and make it obey; cannot save a shore which it has sentenced; cannot bar its path with an obstruction which it will not tear down, dance over, and laugh at. But a discreet man will not put these things into spoken words; for the West Point engineers have not their superiors anywhere; they know all that can be known of their abstruse science; and so, since they conceive that they can fetter and handcuff that river and boss him, it is but wisdom for the unscientific man to keep still, lie low, and wait till they do it.  Captain Eads, with his jetties, has done a work at the mouth of the  Mississippi which seemed clearly impossible; so we do not feel full confidence now to prophesy against like impossibilities.  Otherwise one would pipe out and say the Commission might as well bully the comets in their courses and undertake to make them behave, as try to bully the Mississippi into right and reasonable conduct.