July 24th, 2008

Vampire Bush

Your Tax Dollars At Work

The New York Times has an editorial inspired by an article in the Washington Post that shows how President Bush's let-them-eat-cake attitude has trickled down into the upper ranks of the Air Force.

According to the article, generals in the US Air Force are spending an estmated $7.6 million of funds specifically designated for counterterrorism on a number of 18-by-9-foot "Senior Leader Intransit Comfort Capsules." These capsules will have "aesthetically pleasing wall treatments and coverings." Each capsule will be carpeted, and will contain a DVD player, a 37-inch flat-screen monitor with stereo speakers, a couch, footrests, a table, leather covered swivel chairs, comfortable beds and a full-length mirror.

According to the New York Times, the Air Force reduced the number of capsules on order after the project was uncovered by a private watchdog group, the Project on Government Oversight.