August 5th, 2008


Too Soon Guys...Waaaaaay Too Soon

I've signed up for a service from The National Weather Service that sends me text messages when there is a Very Dangerous weather related Situation.

They decided to send me a text message at 5 am this morning that there will be a flash flood watch starting at 9pm this evening. I guess the idea is to to warn people early so they can make preparations before they leave for work. But now I'm stuck awake at this ungodly hour. The worst part is that I have to be up at this time tomorrow through Friday. So I would really have liked to sleep in today.

They sent me another text message while I was writing this post. This one was about a high wind advisory that will come into effect later this afternoon. I turned my phone off so any further texts won't wake me if I manage to fall back asleep.
No Power in the 'Verse

They're Baaaack!

Last week I scavenged a rain barrel someone was throwing away. At the bottom, it has a pipe to hook up to another rain barrel. The pipe either needed to be capped or connected to a pipe. I wanted to get the barrel set up this afternoon in hopes that Tropical Storm Edouard would help to fill it. So I went to Lowe's where an I'll-help-you-little-lady type of salesman picked out a connector and a hose that he said would fit. But when I got to the land I discovered the hose he sold me didn't fit the connector he sold me (but it did fit the rain barrel). So I went to Home Depot where a nice guy who didn't think he knew everything helped me pick out a connector that would fit both the rain barrel and the hose.

I went back to the house and put some cement blocks down to set the rain barrel on, but the ground wasn't level, so I went around behind the house to the barn to get the maddox. As I headed back toward the rain barrel, I discovered a broken board and an open window at the back of the house. I promptly called 9-1-1. Two nice cops came and checked the house. Nothing seemed to be taken or damaged. By then it was dark. The cops hung out while I quickly did a half-assed job finishing up the rain barrel (I didn't bother to level it, but it should be OK).

I called the yard hippie and he said he'd head home soon and that he would replace the board tomorrow.

Here I was thinking the bad guys had finally gotten bored and wandered off.

And it looks like Edouard isn't going to bring us any rain at all.