September 14th, 2008

Space Cadet

Cone Of Silence

There is still no word on the fate of the 1000 prisoners forced to remain in the county jail on Galveston Island during the Hurricane Ike along with the 300 jailers who stayed to guard them. The courthouse next the jail was said to have taken on water during the storm. I'm assuming that the jail had a second floor so that nobody drowned. But I'm concerned that the sheriff may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Drinking water for 1300 people takes up a considerable amount of space. So do port-a-potties. There has been no running water on the island for going on three days. Did the sheriff actually stockpile enough water for that many people. Did he plan on what to do about sanitary facilities for 1300 people when there is no running water and no trucks come to pump out the port-o-potties?

Odds are the 1000 prisoners are suffering from terrible heat in unventilated cells and they and their jailers are dealing with a severe shortage of food, water and sanitary facilities. Yet no news services are covering this.

Please call or e-mail your local news providers and ask them to start covering this story. Ask them to get the sheriff to explain the "security issue" he claims kept him from transporting the men and women in his care to safety. Ask the news people to report on the conditions in the jail and find out how 1300 people are being taken care in a situation where resources are so sorely limited. If the sheriff is actually succeeding in taking good care of everyone, shelter managers everywhere would love to know how he is doing it. If he is not succeeding, he should be called to task for the incredible suffering that he is causing the people in his care.