October 19th, 2008


So Close!

I found almost the right house:

The Future?

It's from Palm Harbor modular homes. The layout of the kitchen is really nice. It's similar to the layout of the kitchen in the house I grew up in but it has more windows:

Sunny Kitchen

This house is so close to perfect. The problems are: 1) it costs a lot, 2) the windows don't open at the top, and 3) the ductwork is made of fiberglass which tends to get moldy. Also Palm Harbor requires buyers to agree to resolve disputes via binding arbitration. This gives buyers with complaints very limited legal recourse if there's a dispute over warranty work or other problem resolutions.

I'm disappointed but also inspired. Seeing this house gives me faith that I will find the perfect place. If it didn't have the problems, this would be it. I will talk to them and see if the problems can be resolved. But I have a feeling they can't.

Still, this is a hopeful development.

See my photo set of the house by clicking here.
See the manufacturer's website for the house by clicking here.