November 6th, 2008



In spite of the fact that we took a giant leap into The Future earlier this week , some things remain the same. Since I wimped out on buying a new car last year, my old truck needs some old-fashioned repairs and maintenance, to wit:

new valve cover gasket
new o-ring for the distributor
new brake rotors and new pads
new alternator belt and power steering belt
an oil change

The big ticket item is the idler arm. It's loose and may need to be replaced. The idler arm is a part of the steering that sounds pretty important. It helps keep the truck stable during a turn. But it will be hard and expensive to find a replacement. It will take at least three days and cost about $350 parts and labor. But I don't want my idler arm breaking, so I will probably get it replaced.

The truck also needs a new air filter and a section of air duct that fell off replaced, but I can take care of those myself.

Nippy is love.


Keep On Trucking

Nippy doesn't need a new idler arm. It's worn, but not a problem. As the idler arm wears out, my tires will wear more quickly. But it's not to that point yet. (It might be idler arms. I'm not sure. But, singular or plural, I don't need any anyway)

Excluding the seals, none of the work is anything different than a ten-year-old vehicle might need, and the mechanic says the engine is in good shape. So Nippy is being fixed up and I'll have him back tomorrow.

edited to add: Nippy is 20 years old (1988). But he runs as if he was 10.

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