April 7th, 2009


The Details

There was no freeze at the land or here last night.

I got a lot done yesterday. I set up for the well and electric to be fixed at the good house. The electrician wants the bugs under the house killed first. So, much as I hate to do it, I have an exterminator coming out this Friday. He's going to use as little poison as possible. At least this is a better time than December (when I first started to get the electric fixed) because most of the hibernating critters can move out now without freezing to death.

I also finally got the battery out of the trailer. The tray it's in is a little above the height of my shoulder. This is too high for me to lift it out (it weighs as much as a car battery). So my yard hippie helped me. I left it at the battery place this morning. I'll find out if it's OK when it's done charging, which should be sometime this evening.

Last Friday I turned off the propane to the trailer's fridge and freezer and discovered that they stunk to high heaven. So yesterday I put charcoal and baking soda inside. When I opened the fridge to put them in, it didn't smell nearly as bad as it did on Friday. So there's hope.

All this work is because I realized that I want my first stay there to be better than tent camping. For some reason I really care about this. Thus I'm fixing the trailer up. There's some cleaning to do. The "detailing" I paid $200 for seemed to only cover the outside of the trailer. So the tires are shiny but the shower has soap scum, the cabinets still have crumbs in them and the microwave is greasy inside and out.

So yesterday I brought out all the cleaning stuff I'll need and put it in the trailer. I also brought out blankets and bedsheets, coffee making supplies and other stuff and stored it all in the ginormous storage cabinets in the underparts of the trailer.

At the end, I hung a thistle sock outside the living room window. While I was hanging it, a hawk landed in a tree a little ways off. It flew away when I turned to look at it. I wonder if it thinks of the thistle sock as a potential buffet table. I hope not.

G & The Jayco

Thistle Sock