April 25th, 2009


The Wheels Of Progress

The power has been turned on and the preliminary electrical work passed inspection. There were a few unexpected discoveries along the way, but nothing terrible.

On the trailer side of the street, I talked to the electrician about getting power to the trailer and it turns out that It won't be too expensive. I'm getting a written estimate and with luck it will be done in a couple of weeks. Then I can run a hose from the good well to the trailer and I'll be sitting pretty.

The AstroTurf rug I was putting in was way  too small, so I went to Home Depot to get another one. When I got to the carpet section a guy was buying all but about five feet of an eight foot wide roll of really good AstroTurf. I made an offer on the piece left over, and got it for almost half off.

Below is a picture of the trailer with the old AstroTurf. The new carpet is a little wider. Now that the carpet is in place, people won't track in mud every time they go into the trailer. Now the dirt by the door is covered up, I have some hope that when I clean the inside of the trailer at least the floor will stay that way for a little while.