June 23rd, 2009

No Power in the 'Verse

Morning Update

I've been working hard on the yard at the rent house. My landlady wants "curb appeal" to help in the selling of the house. So I am converting the Texas wildness I've let accumulate over the past five or so years into gentrified order. The result is sad and empty-looking, but it actually looks pretty good and I think it will help sell the house.

I finally paid off the well guy. He didn't send a bill until the start of Kerrville, and at that point I didn't have the money. So I asked him if he'd wait 'til I got back and he said OK. So now I've raised the cash and the check's in the mail (for real).

When the well guys hooked up the pipes at the land, a bunch of dirt got in the pipes. So when the faucets were first turned on, the lines got clogged with twigs and leaves. The plumber didn't have the right sized Allen wrench to get in to backflush the system so it hasn't really worked right. After a brief hunt, I found the right size wrench and I'm meeting him out there today to get the lines flushed out. When the twigs are cleared, we should be done with the water repairs for the time being (knock wood).

Next on the moving-to-the-land front is getting power to the trailer. I have lots of options in terms of what gets done and who does it. Of course more options makes it more confusing for me so I slow down. But I will get the lines run soon (within the next couple of weeks).

I also have to get the cats their vaccinations. I am not looking forward to this. Skeeter is big and he bites when he's scared, and Chloe panics so completely that it's painful to watch. But they'll survive.

One of the puzzling things that I haven't figured out is where the cat's litter box will fit in the trailer. There's not a lot of extra floor space in there. Maybe I'll just toilet-train them and be done with it (not!).

Here's a picture of a tricked-out snail shell I found while I was cleaning the yard, G says that when other snails pull up next to the fancy snail, they hear its music going "BOOM CHICKA BOOM BOOM!" but if humans put their head right next to the snail, all they hear is "dee diddee dee dee."

Tricked Out Snail