July 1st, 2009

Space Cadet

Let It Rain

G and I went to the Austin City Limits taping of Allen Toussaint last night. He was really good. My favorite part started as the song Everything I Do Gonna Be Funky, then he went into a long jam consisting of an insane variety of songs and styles, all of them played with amazing skill. He ended the jam with Paul Simon's American Tune. As he played the last notes, a stage tech walked up on stage and stood next to him. I'm pretty sure it was to tell him they needed to change the tape. Judging by the timing, I fear that the tape ran out too soon, so the TV audience will not get to see this part. That would be a shame, because it was wondrously amazing. Maybe they can figure a way to record the end in the studio and edit it on. I don't think it would be that hard and it would be such a loss if people didn't get to hear it.

G's favorite part was when Mr. Toussaint described the TV commercial where a white guy goes into the bathroom and sprays something on that turns him into chocolate. Then the guy walks down the street while girls he passes grab pieces off of him, including a girl who "bit something off of his back...but you can't see exactly where she bites him."  Then Mr. Toussaint explained that the reason he's telling us this  about the ad is that the background music for the ad is a song that he wrote. Then he started playing The Sweet Touch Of Love. G was quite impressed. He liked the rest of the show, but he loved that moment.

Overall I was quite impressed with the show. Mr. Toussaint is a good songwriter, his voice is amazing, his piano playing is wonderful and his band is great. You all should check out the show when it gets aired. If you don't like the music, you can just watch for me and G. The camera was on us during much of the applause, so we may be in some of the audience shots.

It's been raining gently much of the morning. It sounds so lovely. I've kept the door open so I could listen.

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