August 15th, 2009

Magnolia Flower

Aw Man

Lindsay posted over in Facebook that Nigel Russell died last night. I'm hoping that it's not true, that it's a miscommunication or some other Nigel Russell or something. But it's probably just the sad truth.

That sucks.
Space Cadet

Damn Shame

So, apparently it's true. Nigel Russel, who wrote, among other things, The White Collar Holler (of Stan Rogers fame), died a couple of days ago. He was a great guy and an excellent songwriter. If you haven't heard his stuff you might want to hunt some of it down.

I haven't hung out with him in a long time. I saw him at Kerrville, but it was across a crowd and we both were busy, so we waved at each other and went about our business. I wish I'd stopped to talk to him.

Oh well.

If you want to hear one of his songs, click here and play the song "Damn Shame."

"On to Glory
End of story
Damn shame, ain't it a crime."

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