October 4th, 2009

Space Cadet

Weekend Update

I have a problem with my ears that I can usually keep in check, but sometimes I fail and I get an external ear infection. I have one this weekend. Today it hurt quite a bit. I finally fell asleep with medicine in my ear and managed not to roll over and spill it out. Now, although it still hurts, I feel much better.

Yesterday we saw Toy Story 1 and 2 in 3D. They were still entertaining, but the 3D didn't add that much. G had fun and I enjoyed going with him.

It was supposed to rain today, but it's sunny and pleasant instead. Hopefully it will rain more this week. In the meantime we took advantage of the wonderful weather to take a delightful walk in the neighborhood. There are tons of flowers blooming and bugs flying and we had a good time.

I bought G a Matt Groening cartoon book a couple of weeks ago and he's just started to read it. It's fun to watch him discover Groening's proto-Simsons humor.

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