April 23rd, 2010


My Most Frequent Nightmare

Around this time of year I start having nightmares about Landrush (setting up camp at Kerrville). Part of the unease is that in my dreams Landrush is not at the ranch so I'm not sure where to set up camp.

I had my first Landrush nightmare for this year last night. I couldn't figure out where to park my trailer (FYI, IRL I'm not bringing the trailer). I had it in what was probably a legit spot, but the person I left in charge of it while I went to make sure it was OK to park it there moved it and I had to yell at him to put it back in a hurry. In addition, I left someone to watch Moco Verde's spot but he wandered off while I was trying to find someone to ask about parking the trailer and other people set up a bunch of living room furniture there so I lost our spot.

Can you tell that I hate Landrush.

Here's a video I made at the end of Landrush last year:

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