June 11th, 2010


Bless The Rain

Kerrville is being fun. This is the start of last weekend, and already I'm feeling sad about leaving. 

A small thunderstorm blew through this morning. The leading edge of the front woke me up about a half hour before the storm came through, so I had washed up and had my coffee before the deluge hit. I woke up with a migraine, but I went straight to major meds, so the headache was damping down before the rain. At the height of the storm, the lightning was fairly close so G came and sat in the truck with me. It was cozy and nice. But as soon as the lightning ended, he took off for his own tent. Every year I buy him new mud boots for festival, but this is the first pair he's actually used in years. There's still a light rain falling and it sounds really nice. It's been dusty, but it won't be today. Rain is good.

Phat Jack's memorial was yesterday. It was slightly religious and very sweet. I'm glad I went. Saturday Suzanne is getting married in the same place. Kerrville is so much of a town. We have funerals, weddings and babies...and exciting weather too!

I love the sound of camp. Right now people are making breakfast and fixing a canopy that took on water. I love the talk and the clank of cooking. The view out of the truck is of my drippy awning and people cooking. It's so great to be here!

Here's a picture of me in camp last year. Not much has changed.

First Coffee Of The Day