October 21st, 2010

Space Cadet


Last Saturday, G wanted to go to a movie with some friends. Since the movie was rated 'R,' I had to go with him to buy his ticket. When I got to the box office, they insisted that I buy a ticket for myself as well, so I did. His friends arrived with their parents who bought them tickets and left. I went with G and his friends past the ticket-taker into the lobby, helped them buy some candy and off they went to their movie. A minute later I get a call from G because there's an usher at the door to the specific theater and he won't let the kids in until I vouch for them. So I go vouch and they get in.

Then I told the usher I was bummed that the only movie I wanted to see, Secretariat, wasn't playing there. He said that it was. It turned out that on the electronic signs, the name had been truncated to "Secret." Lucky for me the show was just starting and the theater it was in wasn't crowded, so I grabbed a soda and some popcorn and settled in.

It was a sweet movie. I liked the main character, a housewife who suddenly finds herself running the family horse business, and I liked the trash-talk subplot between the main character and one of the other horse owners. There's some nice horse scenes, though not as many as I had expected. If you like nice movies where you know the ending before the movie starts, this is a good one to see. But there's nothing that requires a large screen, it will be fine to watch on DVD, so don't rush to the movie theater if you don't want to.