January 19th, 2011


Trying To Be Ethical Within the Weaving of the Web

fabricdragon posted in her journal that today's Living Social deal is a half priced $20 gift card from Amazon.com. If you want to buy one and you know her, you should go to her post by clicking here and buy it through her link so she gets credit.

If you don't know her and you want to buy one, I'd appreciate it if you would buy it through my link below so I get credit. Thanks.


I Got The Power

Both the Jayco and the Airstream now have electricity.

An electrician came out last week and ran the elctrical wire and installed RV outlets. Since the weather was so nasty, I waited until Tuesday to have the power turned on. Today I went out and plugged the trailer in and...nothing happened. There was no power. So I looked for a main switch or some other thing I needed to do to get it powered up and there was nothing. I had, of course, left the manual here at my rent house, and I couldn't remember the name of the RV place that checked out the trailer and helped me when I bought it. I looked and looked for a switch or a blown breaker all over the trailer. Then I stepped out of the trailer and discovered there was a sticker with the RV place's name on it (but no phone number) right by the door. So texted the name to Google, got the number and called them. The service guy was incredibly nice and patient. When he figured out that I had checked everything on the trailer, he suggested checking the breakers in the breaker box back at the house. Duh! Somehow it hadn't occurred to me the check them. So I walked over, opened the door of the breaker box and lo and behold... It was nice of the service guy to hang up before he burst out laughing at me. Crestview RV in Buda, Texas ROCKS!

Here's the Jayco with all it's extensions extended.

Powered Up