April 12th, 2014

Space Cadet

A Man Who Changed the World

The fact that Rod Kennedy is dying makes me incredibly sad. You may not know who he is, but I would bet that you know someone who has benefited from the world that he created.

Rod Kennedy is the founder of the Kerrville Folk Festival, a yearly 18-day festival that's held out in the Texas Hill Country. But it's not just a festival, it's a community, or actually a huge extended family. And Rod is the conservative old-school-Republican ex-marine that put it all together and let it grow into one of the most amazing festivals ever. I find the "Welcome Home" sign at the ranch to be kind of hoaky, but I also know that it's true. Every time I got out there, I _am_ going home to my Kerr-friends and my Kerr-family. And I wouldn't have any of it if it wasn't for Rod.

The community he created extends out into every corner of the world and creates ripples of good that run past all of us every day. I hope that he realizes how much good he has put out into the world. Thank you Rod.

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Space Cadet

Thanks G

Autozone has a webpage with instructions on how to access the wiper motor on my 1988 truck. The wipers stopped working last week, and I figured that the system couldn't be that complex. Plus I could hear the wiper motor running, so I figured it might be just a broken connector of some sort. So today, armed with Autozone's instructions, I removed the "cowl" ( a narrow strip of metal between the windshield and the hood that I didn't even know could be removed) took some other stuff off and found the problem -- the arm that connected the wipers to the motor had popped off. So I put it back on, tested the system and then put it back together. G was helping, and when I got done and turned on the wipers, the passenger-side wiper kept screwing up. G kept talking about the loose weather-stripping around the windshield, but I wasn't interested in the aesthetics of the truck. So I kept cursing the wiper and trying to seat it so it would work, and G got louder and louder about the weather stripping until he finally got through to me that the loose weather stripping was hanging down to where it kept knocking the passenger-side wiper blade out of position. I couldn't see it when I was in the truck running the wipers. I'm so glad that he was there helping -- it could have taken me days to figure out the problem. Hooray for Autozone for having comprehensible information on how to repair ancient trucks! Hooray for the Internet for bringing that information to me! Hooray for my dad for teaching me how things work! And hooray for G for figuring out what the root-cause of the problem was!
Space Cadet

Prom Night

It's G's prom night. He and his friends are meeting at a parent-free location for dinner and then heading over to school for the prom. He and his friends are going as a group, rather than as couples. I hope they all have a wonderful time (especially G).

Junior Prom