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So Rich is off playing with the ants in Argentina. I invited him to
come to NYC for New Years, but he declined. I think he's worried that
his hair isn't fashionable enough for New York City. So he's going to
visit his sister in Tulsa instead. I guess they aren't so critical of
people's hair there.

G's school Winter Party was today. It was fun! There was delicious
fudge and homemade chocolate chip cookies and veggies and sprite to
drink. All I had to bring was ice. Such a deal!

Rich, G, and me went to the Trail of Lights Sunday night. It was fun,
but the shuttle to get there took forever.  They have tunnels of
lights this year. These are so cool! Here are someone's pictures. Austin is so cool when it gets it right. The Trail of Lights is one of those times.

I wanted to join Life Time Fitness,
a family friendly gym that is opening in Austin, but they have this
Application and Agreement: "If there is any claim by anyone based on
any injury, loss, or damage
described herein, which involves the undersigned, any other member
under this Agreement, any of the undersigned's non-member children or
any guest or child which the undersigned or any member under this
Agreement has brought to the Club facilities, the undersigned agrees to
(a) defend the Club against such claims and pay the Club for all
expenses relating to the claim, and (b) indemnify the Club for all
obligations resulting from such claims."

It's the "defend the Club against such claims and pay the Club for all
expenses relating to the claim" part that made me decide not to join. I
don't want to pay their legal fees if something happens.

I'm disappointed. It looks like a fun gym.


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