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My Brain Hurts

I woke up with the beginnings of a headache. I took two Naproxin and went back to bed. After a while, I heard Nancy walking around. I had fallen back asleep, and the headache was much worse. I got up and took Maxalt, half a Pherenigan, a Zofran and five Nux Vomica and went back to bed. After a while, it became apparent that the Zofran wasn't working, so I took the other half of the Phenergin. It worked its magic, and I woke up headache free around 5pm.
I'm pissed that I lost a day. I had planned to sleep in and then get a beach sticker and go to the beach. I hate these headaches. But I'm really glad I have phenergin.

For the record, yesterday morning, I swam in a chlorinated pool and then In the afternoon, I drove for about three and a half hours. I ate Indian food last night, navrataan korma with some really sour lime pickle. I'd had the same for lunch. I went to bed late with some minor heartburn.

But the weather here is really nice and gdozo and ndozo made a really tasty dinner tonight. Amy and Todd may come out to visit tomorrow, and on Friday, Amy, Todd, G and I will probably go to Coney Island to go to the Aquarium and ride on the Wonder Wheel.

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