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Say a Prayer for Sir Dude the Hero

This is a sad story. I was quite touched by it when it happened, and have been searching for the article since I started my journal. Tonight I finally found it.

What happened was that a group of kids who were residents in a youth facility were on a field trip. The adults who were running the trip allowed the kids to get too close to the river, and then failed to notice when one of the litttle kids fell in and started drowning. One of the older kids jumped in, saved the little kid and handed him up to the kids on the dock. In the excitement of tending to the little kid, no one noticed that his rescuer was floating downstream until it was too late. He drowned. His name was Sir Dude Turner. He was a hero.

From the Archives of the Austin American Statesman:

Teen saved youth, then drowned
Author: Bob Banta AA-S  
Date: January 14, 1998 Publication: Austin American-Statesman (TX) Page Number: B7 ${ Word Count:


The body of a 17-year-old boy from a foster-care facility was recovered from the Pedernales River on Monday night after he apparently drowned while saving another youth who had fallen into the river, Blanco County authorities said Tuesday. A team of divers from the Texas Department of Public Safety found the body of Sir Dude Turner in about 12 feet of water, said Lt. Joseph Johnson of the Blanco County sheriff's department.Turner was on an outing Sunday with other students at...[article cuts off here]
Foster care school losing state license
Date: February 11, 1998 Publication: Austin American-Statesman (TX) Page Number: B5 ${ Word Count:


State authorities plan to revoke the license of a foster-care facility in Dripping Springs that was taking care of a boy who drowned last month in the Pedernales River. The Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services told Darden Hills Ranch School officials last week that school would lose its license as a residential treatment center for boys, Stewart Davis, a department spokesman, said Tuesday.

Darden Hills officials told the state Tuesday that the school will  be closed by...[article cuts off here]
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