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I Feel Left Out

Tonight I wish I was a Science Fiction writer packing to go to a Science Fiction convention ([info]juliabk) or an SF author who was packing to go on a tour to promote her new book (Elizabeth).

Here is how I would look when I was signing autographs:

Me Signing

Here is how I would look on a panel with my fellow writers:

The Closing

My agent would take me out to dinner at a fancy restaurant were we would schmooze with other literary types:

Billy, G and Me

People would want to have their picture taken with me:

Me with Bob the Banker (aka Señor Bob) Fancy Girls Cheryl and Me

And I would pose for some group photos with my fellow writers:

Toby, Ky, Owl, Mose, G and Me with the Bear on Halloween ndozo, G, Me and a Fellow Connecticut Yankee with The Bear Lia, Jake, Lindsay, G and Me and The Bear at Madras Pavillion

When it was over, I would be glad to get home and sleep in my own bed:

Homey House

You real writers have fun on your real trips and sell lots of books.

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