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I woke up in the dark with an awful headache. I took a Maxalt, got out the Phenergin and discovered that, instead of little white pills, the bottle (a new one) was filled with big pink pills. I was baffled. So I decided not to take it. I was so thrown off by that that I forgot to take  the Naproxin. I went back to sleep, and woke up around 8:30 am in terrible shape. I got up, made coffee, and realized that if I drank it I wold throw up. I dug out a nasal Imitrex, took it, got out a barf bag just in case and went back to sleep. I woke back up around 10 am feeling shaky, but OK. It was very windy last night. I think the wind blew something in.

Vicki had invited G and Andrew to the movies. When she came by to pick them up she said that she had woken with an awful headache and taken Imitrex too. She felt better. she likes movies, so sitting with G and Andrew  in the dark with a big flashing screen seemed like a good thing to her. Yay Vicki! You are a Goddess of Goodness.

She was out of all headache meds, so I gave her some Maxalt. Tom is bring us both more Imitrex. It turns out I have a standing scrip for it. I thought I had gotten all I could. Yay neurologist! Yay pharmacist that will deliver my meds to Kerrville!! Yay Sis for getting me to go to a neurologist!

Oh, and the big pink pills were the right stuff. They just got a new source for them. I told them to make sure I know this next time they give me a different looking pill. Trying to figure it out when I'm incoherent with pain is Not a  Good Thing.

On another note, yay Luna Moth in the men's shower!  Photos to follow soon.
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