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G, a Headache, and a Great New Restaurant

I woke up about 8 am with a bad headache. I took Maxalt and Advil and went back to bed with a hot pack. I woke back up about noon. The headache was less, but still pretty bad. I had coffee and ice cream, but it didn't help. Then G gave me a shoulder massage and the headache melted away.

Yay G!

For the record, yesterday I ate the Tuscan Hummus and a Field Green Salad at the California Pizza Kitchen near the Borders Book Store in Austin's new shopping center, The Domain. I hope the food wasn't a trigger. My meal was delicious.

In terms of the weather, it rained pretty steadily last night. Also, we have a ton of peaches in our yard various stages of decay. The mold on them may be part of the problem.


The food at the California Pizza Kitchen is really good, and the service is excellent. You all need to go over there and check it out.
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