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Who Would Do Anything You Say?

There are times in most everyone's life when they get something they reallyreally want, reallyreally need, and everything is perfect and then...and then...it isn't because doesn't, it won't, it can't do what they want it to do or be what they want it to be. It may be a person, or a job, or it may be being poised to buy the perfect car or house or whatever. Whatever it is, things don't  go the way they envisioned when they were dreaming of their perfect future with this thing. Successful acquisition and/or positioning is no guarantee of future performance.

A few years ago, my niece corruptedproof gave me a tape containing a song that describes this moment perfectly. I think of this song at least once a week. It shows so perfectly the frustration of getting what you really want and then have the result not be what you want because the thing, or the world around it, is anchored in reality and thus has a mind of its own.


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