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Stop It!

I had a low-grade headache yesterday, so I took two Advil. It didn't go away, but it wasn't too bad. Then toward evening it got worse, so I took some Maxalt and Phenergan. This morning it was still there when I woke up and it promptly started escalating, so I moved on to Imitrex. That seems to be working. (insert glyph of crossed fingers here)

In the plus side, I've finally worked out a system to keep my photographs from taking over my hard drive. I think this one is going to work.

Georgie made up a new joke:

Q: What is a favorite cartoon in Jamaica?
A: Poke Me Mon.

Of course it could be made into a more mature version with a different question and the same answer. (What did Ash say to...). But I won't do that because it's great the way it stands.
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