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6pm Tonight -- KVUE 24 (Set Your Alarm)

I may be on TV here in Austin tonight. I contacted KVUE 24 to see if they wanted to do a piece about the audible 9-1-1 alarm that Verizon has programmed into all their new cellphones. A nice reporter named Clara Tuma returned my call and later that week, she and her cameraman Lex Stanfield met me out at the land. They interviewed me about the day I discovered the alarm. Then Clara spent the week doing research about the alarm including contacting Verizon, the FCC and other cell carriers.

Now the piece has been edited and is scheduled to run tonight on the 6pm news. Clara is trying to get it switched to Sunday, because more people watch the news on Sunday night than watch it on Friday night. But for now it looks like it will run during the evening news just before the weather.

If I find out that they changed the time, I'll post the new time here.

Also, if you miss it, it should be posted online soon. When it is, I'll post the URL here.
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