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Ha! [Nov. 27th, 2007|09:37 pm]
Wizard of Changes -- ©cdozo 2004 to 2015
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The Austin Public Library has finally forgiven me and allowed me to get a library card. It took them over ten years!

I'll try to do better this time, I promise.

[User Picture]From: curculio
2007-11-28 02:37 pm (UTC)

Good to be friends again

I lost a book (it walked away from my office so to speak) from the science library at UT. I felt absolutely horrible, there is something about libraries, it is like offending an innocent, hurting an angel. When they get angry, they get angry. And financially vengeful, Old Testament style. The librarians were kind to me when I told them what happened, they let me sob in the back room, out of sight of the rest of the clientele. I promised never to do it again and I haven't. I paid for the book and the recheck in fee but of course, I had lost the book not merely turned it in late.

Have lots of fun.

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