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Danger And Opportunity

Last night I dreamed I had stopped my car by a wooded area near the road and gotten out. I found a really cute gray kitten by the road mewing. I picked it up and brought it into the car. My friend Rich was in the car and so was my cat Wormie (who died about eight years ago). The dream Wormie had a pouch for kittens that ran down her midline. I opened her pouch and put the kitten in. It burrowed in and I was a bit worried how I would get it back out. Wormie rolled on her side and looked happy as if she was nursing. I wondered if the kitten could get Wormie's milk started soon enough for the kitten to nurse.

Then I got back out and walked back to where I'd been, and there was another kitten. It looked a lot like the first except that it was obviously evil in the wild way that some kittens are. I could see in it's eyes that it was going to be a difficult kitten/cat to get along with. But right then it was just a scared kitten and I knew its sibling in Wormie's pouch would miss it. So I took it back to the car and out it in the pouch with its sibling.

Next I was in my house. It may have been my old house by the creek, it was a lot like it. I heard a truck go by and thought, "That sounds like an evil truck."

When I thought the word "evil" I could feel evil, it was like evil was dripping from the word. So I went outside to see if the cats were OK. My current cat Skeeter, who I inherited from Toby, was standing there by the house, back lit, with the sunlight shining through his fur.. Then I realized that I'd left Wormie in the car. I opened the car door and there she was, lying on the seat in the momcat nursing position purring. She looked up at me really happily. I couldn't see the kittens because they were still in her pouch. But I knew they were OK and that she was happy.

That was my dream.

Here's a picture of Georgie and Wormie from long ago when we were staying at Toby's:

Georgie and Wormie at Toby's
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