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G is graduating from elementary school this year (go G!). We are hoping that he will get into one of the middle school magnet programs here in Austin. The choice is between Fulmore and Kealing.

A couple of nights ago, we went to the magnet program open house at Fulmore. G really liked it. The program is pretty much liberal arts with specialization in law and international studies. They also have some film making classes. And students can take Japanese starting in seventh grade. The math program seemed interesting and there are fun advanced math classes. There are no gifted and talented science classes, but they have a really fun sounding after school GT science program where they go on wild cave tours and trips to the river to test the water and such.  But the most memorable part of the evening for G was discovering that the social studies teacher is a huge Transformers fan. The two of them talked Transformer geek speak for about a half hour. G was in heaven. Now all he talks about is how much he wants to get into Fulmore. Transformers rock!

Tonight we will be going to Kealing's open house. With any luck the science teacher will be a Predator fan.
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