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Of Steel and Trailers, Kitchens, Shotguns and Light

I've been thinking hard about the house for the land. I was thinking of buying an Airstream. It's been renovated and according to the seller, it's in excellent shape. I like the idea of an Airstream better than a regular trailer because they last and there won't be as much formaldehyde and other bad stuff from the materials outgassing. But the guy wants $20k for it and that's too much.

So I saw some steel buildings for sale. They were demos from 2007 and the company was trying to sell them quickly. They were so great! I was totally inspired. They are roomy and strong and I wanted one. But it was a two-day sale and they went away before I could decide for sure.

Then I decided I could get a Katrina Cottage from Lowes. It would be roomy enough and I could get a steel building to store my extra stuff in. This seems like the best idea, but I don't like it. It would be a work-around and I would get stuck there and never get what I really want. This is my last home and I want the perfect house. I'd rather live in a steel building or a trailer and wait until I get rich enough to build it. It will have ten foot ceilings and a big eat-in kitchen with tons of counter space. I want lots of light and windows up high. and a flow from the front door to the back porch kind of like a shotgun shack but bigger.

A big kitchen and tall windows are really important. But if I wait, I may never have any house at all. I don't want to visit the land. I want to live there. Now.
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