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Health Update And Cabelas

I'm better, but not all better. Generally I can walk and talk and all is well. But then this stuff starts trickling down the back of my throat and I go into an awful coughing fit. My ribs are still sore from coughing. I also had another difficult breathing episode last night, but it wasn't as bad as the first one. I finished the Z-Pack today and I'll finish the steroids tomorrow. If things continue to improve, I'll keep waiting and watching. If I'm not better by Thursday, I'll make another doctor's appointment.

Yesterday G and Rich and I went to Cabela's. We ate and wandered and had fun. I bought a pair of socks for me and a cool kid's bow-and-arrow set for G (and partly for me too).

Then we left and went to the movie Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. G liked it pretty well, but I don't know that I'd even recommend renting it. A successful TV talk show host goes home to visit momma and poppa and gets in touch with what family is all about. Nothing unexpected happens and almost everyone ends up happy. There are a few chuckles and the women are written to be strong and fun, but there is nothing special about the plot, the characters or the movie.
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