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Lucky Shots

I went back out to the land yesterday to get the new peach tree planted. When I went to unlock the driveway chain, I saw this:

Jumping Spider With Caterpillar

I pulled in and went to put the chain back up and the spider had somehow shifted its hold to the center of the caterpillar:

Jumping Spider With Caterpillar

Then I went out to the peach tree and lifted it out of the hole. I couldn't believe my luck! There was a skink in the hole. I've been trying to get a good skink picture, but they are really fast and really shy. But this little guy was trapped.

Skink In The Peach Tree Hole

So I gently chased it around in the hole until I could catch it:


It was not harmed in any way. After I took a couple of pictures I let it jump off of my hand and it scurried off into the grass.

Then I planted my peach tree and went home.

New Peach Tree

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