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Mission Accomplished

We got to Kerrville about an hour before Landrush. Roy was in a good spot in the line, but we got a ride in with people who were closer to the front of the line. They dropped us by their camp and we ran over to our camp only to find...tarps and poles all over the ground. I got so mad I thought my head would explode. Then I heard someone yelling. I looked up and saw someone coming toward me from up the hill. It was obviously their stuff that was all over my camp. I was so pissed that it took me a minute to realize that it was my campmate Paula walking toward me yelling, "it's OK, it's our stuff!"

It turned out that Paula and Cyndee had gotten in even closer to the front of the line and set down tarps and poles. In the end there were no hassles, only tons of my campmates, so set-up went really smoothly. When we were done, most all of us went for lunch at Mamacita's where Davy Crockett plays fiddle at the Alamo under the light of the full moon every fifteen minutes or so. Then Paula and I took turns driving back to Austin in her van.

Here's a link to all of my Landrush 2008 photos.
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