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No Bad Guys, But...

I hung out on the land today trying to catch bad guys. A car did start down the road, but I was focused on photographing a butterfly on the road. I didn't hide in time and they saw me and took off. Here's a picture of the butterfly. I bet it was cooler than the bad guys were anyway.

Fuzzy Moth

There's a really shy spider on the road by the field. I finally got a picture of it, but when I got home I discovered I got a picture of its underside. I'm pretty sure that it's a Spiny-Bellied Orb Weaver. I haven't seen any others of these, so I'm tempted to catch her and take her onto my property. But she may have already laid her eggs, and if she hasn't and I move her, she may never find Mr. Spiny-Bellied Orb Weaver to make Spiny-Bellied Orb Weaver babies. So I guess I'll leave her where she is and hope that some of the next generation will decide to move on over to my land.

Weird Orb Weaver

There was also a mystery critter in one of the rainbuckets. I think it might be a hellgrammite.

Aquatic Critter In A Rainbucket

And there were some cool bugs on the prickly pear.

Cactus Critters

I wore my new snake boots for the first time. They were really comfortable and they must be good because I didn't get a single snakebite the whole time I was out there.

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