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This Is Not Right

I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't read this myself. Police have arrested a woman who miscarried at 7 months and delivered a stillborn baby. At the time of delivery, doctors claim to have found the baby's umbilical cord had been severed before the birth. Based on that claim, the police are charging the mother with manslaughter. They claim that, at seven months pregnant, this woman somehow inserted a sharp object (a knife or scissors) through her  birth canal, into her own uterus and then, while reaching over her giant belly, managed to locate and cut the baby's umbilical cord. All this while doing no damage to herself. The only "proof" the police department has is the doctor's statement that the umbilical cord appeared to have been cut, and the fact that after she miscarried, the woman told her boyfriend that she was "sorry."  It seems more likely to me that the doctors are trying to cover up a mistake of their own.

So, instead of being comforted and taken care of, this poor woman has been put in jail.

One would assume that to prove the feasibility of his theory, during the trial District Attorney Chris Connolly will reach around a beachball and perform an intestinal polyp removal on himself.

It should be a piece of cake.
Tags: feminism, injustice, politics

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