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A Hippity Hoppity Birthday

Today's Google header looked kind of familiar. I couldn't remember where I'd seen it, so I clicked on the header and discovered that today is Beatrix Potter's birthday. I was never a big Peter Rabbit fan. But after reading the Wikipedia entry about her, I am now a big Beatrix Potter fan.

From Wikipedia, "Potter was later one of the first to suggest that lichens were a symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae.[2] As, at the time, the only way to record microscopic images was by painting them, Potter made numerous drawings of lichens and fungi. As the result of her observations, she was widely respected throughout England as an expert mycologist."

In addition to her books and her studies, she used the money she earned from her books to buy up farms in order to prevent them from being modernized or disappearing completely. When she died, she left all of her land to The National Trust.

Happy Birthday Beatrix! This bunny's for you:
Beautiful Bunny
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